Fish Eat Getting Big

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Explore the undersea world

Fish Eat Getting Big is an undersea survival game. You will help a small fish become big. Naturally, you need to consume the small fish around you.

Big fish eat small fish is the law of survival in the ocean. This is also the gameplay of this game. In the beginning, you will be just a small fish and can become the meal of larger fish. To keep yourself safe, you need to become stronger. The smaller ones will be your food. Swim and dodge skillfully in this game.

How to become king of the sea in Fish Eat Getting Big

Only by becoming the biggest fish can you ensure your safety. To be able to complete this mission, you need to go through a period of gathering power.

Eat the smaller fish

Each fish will have power points on it. You can rely on this number to know which fish is smaller than you. Then eat it to increase your strength points. These fish will be smart later because they will run away from you. Let's show them who is the king of the ocean.

Avoid the dangers

The ocean will always be hidden by dangerous predators. Typically fish that are larger than your fish. If you hit them, your fish will be eaten immediately. In addition, sometimes a champion mummy fish will chase your fish. Bombs floating in the ocean are also a danger to you. Stay away from all these dangers.

Play Fish Eat Getting Big with friends

This game allows you and two of your friends to play together on one device. You can play 2 or 3 people. Let's support and help each other in this game.

Game control

  • Player 1: use WASD to move
  • Player 2: use arrow keys to move
  • Player 3: Swipe the mouse to play.

Don't forget to unlock new skins

Each player can earn coins to buy new skins. When you buy a new skin, your friends can use it too. So, don't forget to collect the coins in the ocean. When you are bored with life under the sea in Fish Eat Getting Big, you can move to take care of children on the land in Baby Hazel : Dental Care.