Baby Hazel : Dental Care

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Take care of a little girl

You will become a nanny in Baby Hazel : Dental Care. You need to take care of a little girl and help her complete a number of different tasks.

Among the tasks, keeping her teeth healthy is the most important. She cries very easily, so you need to act quickly. The game will always give you instructions, so you no longer need to worry about the gameplay.

Help the poor little girl in Baby Hazel : Dental Care

Step 1: Play with Baby Hazel

Our cute little princess is busy in her playroom. He's enjoying his favorite toys and candies. Have a peek to check if she needs help. She may need you as her mom is not at home. You will take the toy or candies which she wants. Then, let's use these toys to make her happy.

Step 2: Treat her teeth

After baby Hazel eats sweets, she has a toothache. She is crying relentlessly. Take her to the dentist for a quick treatment. Be moral support for her in the clinic and fulfill her needs with love and care. You need to eliminate the bacteria inside her mouth. The nurse will guide what you need to do here.

Step 3: Clean her teeth

After the baby has recovered from the toothache, you can help her clean her teeth. Use a toothbrush to brush your teeth and some other tools to clean your teeth. Pay attention and choose the right item to complete this step.

There are many different steps in Baby Hazel : Dental Care. I think it's better if you can experience them by yourself. Just need the mouse to play this game. Have fun!