Drive Mad

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Drive Mad turns you to become a professional racer. You have to try to reach the finish line to complete a level. You must solve many problems first.

Enjoy a great moment playing Drive Mad

You will see a yellow vehicle with a fairly simple design. You will see giant wheels that can overcome any terrain. This game will not have 3D graphics like Drift F1, but I am sure you will enjoy playing this game. In recent times, this Drive Mad game has become more and more popular. Do you wonder why it is so popular and has so many plays? Experience this driving game for yourself and give the answer.

Complete the Drive Mad levels

The game has many levels, so you need to unlock them one by one. The difficulty will change the game through the levels. The obstacles will be added in each level. For example, you just move on the fair road in level 1. However, you must overcome the rope bridge.

Reach the end of the way

The distance from your start point to the endpoint isn't too far. However, keeping the vehicle safe until reaching the endpoint isn't easy. Your car may be turned over because of the slopes or boost too quickly. Let's be careful! It's better to move slowly on the dangerous tracks.

How to drive in Drive Mad

You can press the right arrow to move the right and press the left arrow to move the left. If your vehicle bumps on the ground, the game will end. Can you pass all the levels in this game? This game can be suitable for all players of all ages. They just need a smart device such as a phone or tablet, then let's enjoy this driving game. When you complete a level, some cool pictures are taken in this game. Do you want to look at them?