Drift F1

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How to conquer Drift F1 game

Join the race in the Drift F1 game. Create cool Drifts to be able to overcome dangerous roads. Your mission is to drive to reach the destination.

The driving games always received positive feedback from many players around the world. In this game, you have a chance to experience unique races. These races float in the sky. If you move out of the road, the car will be destroyed. Moreover, the roads are very narrow and have many bends which can make your car easily fall into the space. This game requires great driving skills. You need to go to the finish line to level up. You can get a thrilling feeling when playing this racing game. Good luck to you!

Reach the finish line in Drift F1

Your main mission is to control your car to level up. You must move to the destination to advance the level. In this game, you can show off your driving skills. You need to make the drifts to overcome many bends. At the first levels, the maps will be very simple and easy to pass over. However, the maps of the later levels will be more and more complicated and longer. Don't worry, your driving skills are going to be improved through the levels. Besides reaching the destination, you also need to collect as many coins as possible. They will be useful for you.

The success rules in Drift F1

  • You should drift before coming to the bends. Otherwise, your car can go off the road. Of course, estimating the distance between the car and the bend is better. Then, you can drift correctly.
  • The full-screen is available for you. This mode can bring the best gaming experience to players. From that, you can control the car easier.
  • Try your best to collect many coins along the road. You can use the coins to buy many cool cars. This game offers 8 cars to players. You may like adorable cats like ice cream or cool cars like fire trucks. There are many other cars that are waiting for you to unlock.
  • You can look at the maps on the main menu to know what terrain you will move. You only can unlock the later maps after completing the previous levels.

Game control

Use the mouse to play this game. There is another game with simple control which is Papa's Burgeria where you will develop a burger store. You will work as a chef and manager. That game won't let you down. Let's try it after this game!

Some interesting information about Drift F1 unblocked

  • You can see a leaderboard button on the main menu. Press on it to see a leaderboard that shows the top players. They have the highest scores in the world. You can see the top players day, week, month, or even all time. You can try your best to put your name on the leaderboard. Good luck to you!
  • This game has simple control and easy gameplay. Therefore, children can play this game to relax and enhance their driving skills.
  • The game is designed with 3D graphics and many cute, cool cars. Many players love this game. How about you? We want to know your answer.
  • You can play Drift 1 unblocked anywhere, even in the school. Therefore, you just need a smart device and have fun with your classmates.