Cow Bay

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Cow Bay allows you to exploit many materials on an island. You can exchange your products with the king to get some coins. The coins are very useful for you.

Play idle game

You only need to move the character around the island to collect the raw materials. Perhaps this game will be idler than many Dreadhead Parkour games. With lovely cartoon graphics, kids can also play Cow Bay at school. You don't have to dodge deadly traps as this is a peaceful island. Your main task will be a hard-working cow collecting ingredients on the island. You can even expand the island with coins. Idle games like these will always win the hearts of busy players.

How to earn coins in Cow Bay

The king will be the one who holds a lot of coins. You can only get coins when you have items of value to exchange with the king. The natural ingredients on your island can be sold.

The material collection

On the island, there are many trees and berries. You can pick fruit to sell to the king if the king asks. In addition, the king may also ask you to provide a lot of wood. You can pick up logs or cut down trees for wood. However, you need an ax and energy to be able to cut trees. Moreover, processed items will also be mentioned such as wooden planks or stone slabs. To make these objects, you need tools and a lot of energy.

Cow Bay expansion

At the start, your island will be extremely small. You can only see a few bushes and trees. You can then use your coins to expand and buy more land on the island. As the island is expanded, many new resources will appear here. Discover new ingredients on this island.

How to be most productive in Cow Bay

  • If your cow only gathers and collects things, it will not need energy. However, smashing rocks or cutting down trees will require a lot of energy. You can eat berries or make fruit juices to increase your character's energy.
  • While the king sleeps, you can still try to collect as many materials as you can. Remember that no ingredients will be superfluous. You can use simple ingredients to make processed items.
  • You just need to click the left mouse button on the target you want to aim for.