Dreadhead Parkour

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Dreadhead Parkour will help you enjoy the feeling of moving at a fast speed. Somersaults will be performed by a special-looking character in this game.

Do you know parkour? It is a sport that requires attempting to get from one point to another in the fastest and most efficient way possible. There isn't any equipment for the participants. This sport inspires many online games like G Switch. One of the parkour you must try is Dreadhead Parkour.

The smooth movement of the character

In this game, you will clearly experience each special character's movement. When he runs, the speed is as fast as lightning. However, when he does somersaults, the movement will slow down. This simple effect brings many thrills to players. Because of his quick speed, you must have fast reflexes to avoid the deadly traps. Don't just read the guide or listen to others! You must experience it by yourself!

Steps to reach the Dreadhead Parkour destination

Many levels are offered, but all players can't conquer them. To pass a level, reaching the finish line is obligatory. The road to coming to the final point is very difficult. In any way, you have to overcome them to complete a level.

Jump over the spikes

The spikes can be attached to huge rocks or small boxes. Sometimes, they are scattered on the road. Don't touch them! Otherwise, your character will be killed. Your character can make a long jump, so he also can pass over the traps. Besides, your observation is very important. It's better to stop and look at the traps before making a jump.

Slide the tunnel

Besides jumping, you also need to slide in the narrow road. Some bars can prevent you on your way. Get momentum and break them. If you do not have enough force to break the barriers, they will injure your character.

Open many fun characters in Dreadhead Parkour

You can see many different characters in the shop. They are designed based on many ideas of famous characters such as Batman, Mario, Spiderman, etc. Some of them can be bought with coins while others only unlock by watching ads. You will have a cool appearance after purchasing these skins.