Cookie Master

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Show your ingenuity in this game

You will create special cookies in this Cookie Master game. They will have different shapes and colors. Follow the customer's order to get a lot of tips.

Cookies are always a favorite food of many people. They are not only delicious but also very eye-catching. In this game you will become a professional chef and your main dish will be cookies. These cookies will have very unique shapes and colors. This is probably a cooking game combined with coloring for those who like simple gameplay. You have to be very clever so that the syrup doesn't spill out of the cookie frame. The ingenuity in this game is greatly appreciated.

Guide to play Cookie Master

The gameplay of this game is simpler than Dream Chefs. Your task is to color the cookies according to the customer's request. Customers will order different cookies. Take a look there to complete the mission.

Coloring cookies

You will see colorful syrups on the screen. You will use the colors that match the customer's request to complete the cookie. Cookies will come in a ready shape. They can be ice cream, flowers, etc. The more colorful the cake, the harder it is to complete.

Restaurant upgrade

When starting out, your restaurant will not have many items. Therefore, you need to earn a lot of money to buy more furniture such as tablecloths, windows, etc. When you complete a certain number of cakes, you also have a chance to open treasure chests. These chests will contain money or a few baking tools. Hope you will become a cookie master.