Dream Chefs

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Turn into the best cook and manager

Dream Chefs make your dream of a culinary palace come true. However, you need to start from an abandoned shop. Let's make a lot of money to rebuild this place.

In this cooking game, you will transform into Winnie, a beautiful chef. She gets handed over the job to rebuild a culinary palace that has long since disappeared. The place where you need to build a food palace is a rather shabby place. Let's change each item in this building. Naturally, you need money to complete this quest. Cook the most delicious food and refund any restaurant. It's time to prove your cooking and management skills.

Your two main missions in Dream Chefs

In this game, you will complete two main tasks: cooking and rebuilding the food palace. These two tasks will be closely related.

Cooking and serving customers

The main dish you will be serving is not a burger like in Papa's Burgeria. You will serve beef steak to customers along with excellent glasses of wine. First, cook the beef in the pan. Pay attention to the time because your beef will probably burn. There will be many different beef steak recipes. Therefore, you need to follow the customer's order. Each customer will only spend a little while waiting for you. So you need to hurry up.

Build the food palace in this game

You might be surprised by how old and dusty the building is. You will change this building into the most amazing restaurant. To be able to do this, you need to change the furniture and equipment. You need tools that can only be obtained after you complete the cooking quest. So, after serving food to customers, you can exchange it for a tool.

A few notes when you serve beef steak to customers

  • Store hours are limited, so you need to sell as much food as possible. If you can serve many customers in a short time, you will get 3 stars. In addition, your gold and diamond money will also increase.
  • If the customer has to wait too long. They will leave. Therefore, you need to observe the orders and prioritize the customers who come first. Don't be so focused on cooking that you forget to serve wine. This Dream Chefs game will give you a great experience.