Coffee Master Idle

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Open cafes

Coffee Master Idle is an idle game where you will manage and develop a coffee shop. You will become an idle boss if you can earn a lot of money.

Many people have dreams of becoming the owner of famous coffee shops. This would be very difficult to do in the real world. Why don't you let the virtual world in this game make your dreams come true? You can even open many cafes if you have a lot of money. Come to this game to feel the idleness of the rich!

Steps to develop a coffee shop in Coffee Master Idle

The construction of a cafe will include certain steps. If you still don't know how to have a big cafe, I will guide you right here.

Invest in facilities

At first, your coffee shop will just be an empty room. You will have to build from the front door. Drink dispensers are indispensable. Of course, you need a lot of friends for guests to sit. However, the maximum number of tables for each cafe is 4. Also, don't forget to upgrade the drink dispenser to create multiple drinks simultaneously.

Hire staff for the cafe

Once the cafe has expanded, you need more staff to help you. You cannot do all the work yourself. You will use the money to hire cashiers and waiters. Alternatively, you can upgrade their productivity by increasing their speed and capacity.

Manage multiple cafes at the same time

You won't just open a cafe. When you select the map icon, you can see many other types of shops like milk tea shops, milk tea headquarters, etc. Every time you want a new cafe, you start building everything from scratch. This gameplay reminds me of the Burger Boss game where you will open a burger shop.