Burger Boss

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Become a fast-food restaurant owner

Burger Boss is a great place to prove your agility and management skills. Your mission is to serve fast food and develop your restaurant. Good luck!

Nowadays, fast food is increasingly popular all over the world. Many restaurants are open and only serve this food. Your restaurant is one of them. There are three main foods in this game which are burgers, chips, and pizzas. In the beginning, your restaurant was very small but I think you can expand it.

Each much money in Burger Boss

Money is very important in business, so you need to earn as much money as possible. Of course, only a big restaurant can bring huge profits to you.

Serve customers

Your clients will want to eat different food and you need to bring the correct food for them. Before that, remember to collect the cash from customers. After ordering, you will come to the kitchen and take the food out. Be quick! No client wants to wait for a long time.

Develop your restaurant

At the first time, your restaurant only has one table for four people. Then, you can buy more tables to welcome more clients. However, when the number of customers is too huge, it's time to hire other employees such as cashiers, waiters and chefs.

How to improve labor productivity in Burger Boss

You can upgrade your character or the staff in the restaurant with the money you have. When upgrading, they can carry more food at once and their movement speed will also become faster. At that time, more customers were served. The amount you earn will also be more. This simple and addictive gameplay reminds me of the Burger Bounty game. Are you ready to be the boss in Burger Boss?