Burger Restaurant Express

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Serve the best dish

You own a burger restaurant in Burger Restaurant Express. In this game, you do not only serve burgers but other dishes. You need to be quick before time's up.

A burger restaurant will have a burger as the main course. However, this is not the only dish of this restaurant. Vegetable salads or desserts like ice cream are also on the restaurant's menu. Your task is to create these dishes and bring them to customers. Each customer will have a different preference. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the customer's order before starting to cook.

Earn enough target amount in Burger Restaurant Express

Each level will give a certain target amount. You need to earn enough money by selling food to pass levels. Time is limited so you need to act fast.

Bring the right dish to the customer

Each customer has a different taste. They will order different types of food, so you have to make sure what they ordered. If you make a mistake, you won't get tips. For example, if a customer wants to eat strawberry ice cream, you give them chocolate flavor. This will make your customers angry.

Hurry up

Time will pass very quickly and customers will also visit your shop, which is quite crowded. You need to prioritize customers who come first. Waiting too long will cause their rating of your restaurant to drop. Also, your customers will leave if you don't serve the food in time. Hope that you can complete many levels in Burger Restaurant Express. Besides this game, I also know another burger restaurant in Cooking Mania Express.