Biomons Mart

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Running a biological supermarket

Biomons Mart allows you to open a supermarket where customers can find out a lot of information about pets. Naturally, the customer will pay for this.

Your supermarket will be a very special supermarket. Here, you will not sell fruits or vegetables like in Monkey Mart. You will provide information about pets to customers. They will pay to buy useful information from your supermarket. First, you need to hire employees first.

Supermarket manager at Biomons Mart

You can see the size of the supermarket is not too big but it can bring you a lot of profit. You can upgrade the level of employees or animals in the shop to increase productivity and revenue.

Hiring employees

You can hire many employees if you have a lot of money. New employees will start at level 1. You can upgrade them by merging employees of the same level. Employees with higher levels will work faster. From there, you can earn more money.

Upgrade other features

When you have enough money, you can upgrade many features in this game. In addition, you can buy upgrades for the animals in the supermarket. From there, their information will be more valuable.

Expand new world

You won't just open a store. Biomons Mart allows you to open more stores in other worlds. Of course, to do this, you need to fulfill some requirements. You must upgrade all stands to level 25 first. This game will be extremely interesting for all players in all modes.