Yummy Taco

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Yummy Taco takes you to the world of delicious tacos. You will be guided to make the taco in this game. Let's complete each part one by one.

Your dream job is a chef and your favorite food is taco. This game is for you. You will become a taco chef. The taco of this game reminds me of Papa's Taco Mia. You also have to complete many steps to prepare the tasty tacos. You even know the recipe to make a taco after finishing this game. You just need to follow the instructions at the beginning.

Tasklist in Yummy Taco

The process of making tacos is divided into 4 parts. For each part, you have to complete different work. Now, let's find out the to-do list in this game.

Prepare the crust

You need to make the crust first which is made from flour. You need to mix the other ingredients into the flour. Then, let's use a pestle to thin out the mixture you have. There are two kinds of crust, so you need to pay attention to them.

Fix the meat grinder and make the filling

The old meat grinder was broken and in need of repair. Choose the right components for this meat grinder. Then you need to grind the amount of meat you have to make the filling. Don't forget to catch the ingredients that fall on the screen to complete this part.

Decor and Clean

To be able to trade, you need to clean your stalls. Clean the equipment and bring the necessary ingredients to your stall. When placing the trays of ingredients, you need to pay attention to the positions on the table. You need to put them in accordance with the color of the trays.

Serve Yummy Taco customers

As soon as your store opens, customers will come. You need to follow the customer's request. Watch out for the toppings and sauces they order. The crust is also very important. Don't forget to prepare water and chips for customers who want to buy them. If customers wait too long, they will get angry and leave. So, you need to be quick in this cooking game.