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Make the best sandwiches

Bake the sandwiches in Toastellia. You are the owner and chef of a famous sandwich shop. You will serve customers the most delicious sandwiches.

Do you love sandwiches? If yes, you cannot skip this game. Customers will come in and order different sandwiches. You need to fulfill the duty of a chef. Let's make the kind of sandwich that the customer asks for.

Complete making sandwiches as quickly as possible in Toastellia

The ingredients for making cakes at the request of the customer will be recorded in the order note. You will probably find the gameplay of this game very similar to Papa's Pancakeria. However, the steps to make a sandwich will be simpler

Stack topping together

You need to follow the order of ingredients according to the order ticket. If you do, the customer won't pay you a tip. Let's stack the ingredients on top of each other. Don't forget the sauce for each sandwich. Furthermore, you can even unlock more ingredients as you complete certain quests.

Toast sandwich

After you have prepared a complete sandwich, you will take it to the toast. Pay attention to the toasting meter! Some customers will prefer a medium cooked sandwich or some will prefer an over cooked sandwich.

Unlock some furnitures and banner in Toastellia

When you complete a day, you will get some stars. These stars used to open something which can increase the experience quality of customers. For example, you can get a banner of ketchup when you have 2 stars. Hope you can innovate the sandwich store.