Sushi Rush

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Rescue sushi

Sushi Rush refers to an escape of a piece of sushi. It must run before it becomes human food. The dangers along the way will frighten it and it needs you.

The scene in this game is a place surrounded by water. Therefore, our sushi will always face the risk of falling into the water. Time waits for you, so move the sushi quickly. Clever and agile to avoid obstacles! Let's score high to create a record!

How to conquer Sushi Rush

When you see the name of the game, you must know that speed in this game is extremely important. If your sushi disappears from the screen, you lose. If you love this sushi, you can see it again in Sushi Master.

Jump from one platform to another platform

Short bridges made from small wooden slats or leaves floating on the water are the platforms you need to move on. They will be spaced a certain distance apart. The round leaves will be set up randomly. Therefore, you need to observe where you need to jump next.

Face the dangers in this game

There will be many dangers stalking you everywhere and I will list some of them. First, you need to avoid jumping into the water. Next, the plates are traps that sushi just jumps on will become food for humans. There are a few discs that can even move which increases the difficulty of the game. You will not be able to jump over objects like baskets, mustard or bottles of dipping sauce. So avoid them.