Sushi Party

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Sushi Party introduces players around the world to Japanese cuisine. Here, you will control a snake to be able to eat all the Japanese dishes on the playground.

You may have seen adorable cat camping parties at Funny Cooking Camp. Have you ever thought of a snake sushi party? This is the main theme of this game.

What you need to do in Sushi Party

You will have two main missions in this game. You need to grow up your snake size and beat any opponent stand in your way. Many players know the rules, but someone may need some guide here.

Eat a lot of food in the Sushi Party

The snakes in this game are extremely cute. You can still play this game even if you are afraid of snakes. Your task is to eat all the dishes that appear on the playing field. You can eat sushi, rice balls, dumplings, grilled skewers, and many other delicious foods. These foods will not only help your snake fill up, but they will also increase the size of the snake. These foods are powerful weapons that can make your snake king in this game.

Attack other Sushi Party snakes

With the multiplayer platform, you will have to face dozens of other players. Prove your abilities by defeating them. Snakes' heads are their weak point. You just need to use the snake's body to attack the opponent's head. Protect yourself against opponents who want to destroy you. Only the strongest warriors can survive.

What you can find in the main menu

To avoid boredom, Sushi Party has created a two-player mode. Two players can enjoy this game on the same device. Instead of fighting individually, you will work with your partner to protect each other. This can be a great way to improve teamwork.

You can also change the color of your snake in the main menu. To make the snake look more eye-catching, hats are indispensable. You will in turn open extremely unique hats. Don't forget to type your username before joining any party.