Slope 3

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Welcome to a simulation world in the game Slope 3. You have to steer a ball to avoid falling into space. You have to face many blocks on the road.

A striking black world with neon colors of buildings will attract you at first sight. You will admire the splendor of the night sky with thousands of stars in Slope 3. Your task will be to control a ball so that it does not fall off the road. Otherwise, the game will end immediately. Remember that the farther your ball moves, the more points you will get. If your ball is dropped into the air, you will have to start the game again. Try to keep the ball safe for as long as possible. Be careful with many blocks on the road. They can destroy your ball immediately. Try your best to avoid them.

Avoid all obstacles in Slope 3

Your main mission in this game is to maintain the ball as long as you can. The game offers an endless road, therefore, you need to keep the ball safe for the longest time. This isn't an easy task because of thousands of deadly obstacles. You can see many blocks which stand on the road. At all costs, you have to dodge them. The game is more challenging when these blocks have different shapes and are movable. Their movement will be unexpected, and you have to reflex as quickly as possible. The game will be over if your ball hits one of the blocks or falls into space. Besides obstacles, many narrow paths, and bends can cause problems for you.

Get the highest score in Slope 3

The score will increase when the distance you move increases. Of course, you only have one life in this game. If your ball is broken, you have to restart the game with 0 points. You can be on top of a leaderboard when you get the highest score. This leaderboard will show off the best players with high scores in the world. Can you defeat all pro players worldwide to get first place? We are waiting to see your answer. If you like this game, don't play it alone. You can share this game with your friends. Then, your friend can compete to get a high score. Who will have a higher score? In addition, we also want to share a fantastic game with you. That is the Papa's Burgeria game. You will manage a restaurant and become a chef here. Hope you will have a great time with these games.

Conquer Slope 3 with simple tips

  • You must keep the ball in the middle of the road. From that, it won't fall into space. However, you have to steer if there are obstacles in the middle.
  • You can play this game in full-screen mode because you will have the best game experience. Moreover, it will be easy to control when playing in this mode.
  • This game is suitable for all ages. Children are able to play this game to exercise their skills and reflexes.

Game control: Use left and right arrows or AD keys to play.