Shell Shockers

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Join the battle of the eggs

The battle of the eggs is happening in the game Shell Shockers. You will have to use weapons to burst other eggs. Of course, you will also be an egg.

You will not use eggs to make dishes or transport eggs like in Eggy Car. This will be a fierce battle between egg warriors. Many players will transform into easy eggs in this battle. If you get shot down, you lose the game. Show your shooting skills in this game. You must always keep an eye on your enemies as they can appear anywhere on the map. Just a second off guard, you can be shot down. This shooting game will give you moments of real thrill.

How to kill enemies Shell Shockers

You will not be alone in this multiplayer game. The players will always be around and ready to shoot you. Therefore, you must always pay attention to your surroundings. Now let's find out how to fight thawngss and survive to the end.

Collect useful items

On the battlefield there will always be necessary items such as grenades, eggs and so on. You can collect them to help your battle. Grenades will do great damage. Before picking up an object, you should look around. Please ensure the character's safety before doing anything. Don't forget to choose your weapon before entering the battle.

How to control in Shell Shockers

Press WASD to move around

Press Q key to throw the grenades

Press F key to use melee

Use Shift to aim the enemies

Use space bar to jump

Click the left mouse button to fire

Aim for the center of the egg for the most damage. Stand still when shooting to improve accuracy (especially snipers) Watch out! Standing still for too long makes for a dead egg.

Play Shell Shockers with friends

This game allows you to create a room. Then, you can share the room ID for your friends. You can your friends will join in a private room. This feature makes this game outstanding compared the other multiplayer games. This game is unblocked at the school, so you can play it at the school in the break time. Ensure the Internet connection when playing this game.