Real Donuts Cooking

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Why you should play Real Donuts Cooking

Experience the feeling of making donuts in Real Donuts Cooking now. Delicious donuts are waiting for your arrival. Let's bake the best donuts!

With cooking gameplay similar to Real Pizza Cooking, this game also brings great relaxing moments for all players. Step-by-step donuts are also fully reproduced in this game. You won't need too much time to learn how to play. You can even play this game at school with your friends.

Some steps to make donuts

Some people have made donuts but others have not. So I'm here to guide you on what to do.

Let's prepare the ingredients

You will have to take the ingredients out of the fridge. You need flour, sugar, cheese, eggs, and water to make donuts. Next, let's move on to kneading the dough. Pour all the prepared ingredients into the bowl. Then you need to mix this mixture well. Next, roll out the dough and use the cutter to shape the donut.

Bake donuts in Real Donuts Cooking

Turn on the grill first. Wait for the grill to heat up to place the cake on it. Wait for the cake to bake for a certain time, you can take it out. Watch for the timer when it turns green because it's the right time to take the cake out.

Flavor and add toppings for donuts

First, choose your favorite flavor. It can be strawberry, grape, apple and many more. Next, you have to create these flavors yourself using natural ingredients. Mix available ingredients to create flavor. Colorful toppings will be available for you to choose from. You just drag them on top of the donuts.