Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower is here and ready to bring the best experience for you. You will help Peppino fight many food monsters in this game. Let's save his pizzeria!

This game theme is related to pizza and you will go on a long journey just like in Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack. However, your main character will not be Papa Louie. The character in this game will be Peppino, an Italian chef who specializes in pizza making. You are wondering what this chef has to deal with in this game. Come to this game and let's see the difficulty of this game.

What happens in Pizza Tower

This game not only has attractive gameplay but the plot of this game is built very meticulously. Peppino is a chef and he opened a small pizzeria. However, Pizzahead appeared and wanted to destroy this pizzeria. This villain built a pizza tower to shoot down Peppino's pizzeria. Now, Peppino must break into the pizza tower and destroy it. You have to destroy each floor one by one.

Complete Pizza Tower levels

This game has only 5 levels suitable for each floor. On each floor, you will face a different boss. Five levels are all given their own names: ancient, water, boulder, horror and pins hooky horror land. Can you complete all five levels in this game? Find out who is behind all these traps.

Save the little characters in Pizza Tower

In the pizza tower, many poor characters are locked up. Now you need to save them. They look like pizza ingredients. After saving them, they will be your great companions. Break the cages and set them free.

Ready for battles

This game has bosses at the end of the floor and many other minions along the way. You can jump over to avoid them. In addition, you can also jump on top of them to kill them. Let's speed up and break every fragile wall! If you are attacked, you will lose a heart. Don't let the number of hearts run out! Prepare a mind of steel for this journey!