Peckin Pixels

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Enjoy the addictive game

Welcome to Peckin Pixels! A chicken farm is waiting for you to take care of this game. Let's feed the hens and they will lay eggs to sell. Have fun!

I'm sure you could spend all day playing this chicken farming game. Your task is to feed them and sell eggs. Sometimes, the eggs can hatch into chicks. You will continue to take care of these chicks into big chickens. This is the cycle of the chickens. This fun game may remind you of Papa's Burgeria where you will become a chef. When you are stressed, this game can clear your mind with the work of a farmer.

The works of a new farmer in Peckin Pixels

In the beginning, you will encounter Squeegy the mouse who lives on the farm. You are the new farmer here and this mouse will guide your work. Now let's start your job now!

At the beginning

You will have the first chicken and you need to click her wake up. Then, let's give her some personality. Drag her into the accessories hut and give her a makeover. The chicken is very hủngy and she won't lay eggs if she hasn't eaten. Chicken love to eat corn. At that time, open the order book and buy a box of corn. Look the corn is being delivered! You can also sell things using the other conveyor. Drag the box of the conveyor and then place a couple of corn on the grass.

Take care the chicken

The chicken is going over to eat it. Soon she will become broody. Mouse over her to see her stats. The green bar is how much she's eaten and the pink bar is her broodiness. You can. After eating, you will observe the chicken. If you want to lay an egg, you can see the egg symbol on the hen. If she wasn't in the nest, the egg would have broken. Sell the egg using the conveyor belt and then feed the chicken some more corn.

Hatch the chicks in Peckin Pixels

If you want to know whether the egg has a chick on it. Drag the egg onto the weighing machine to check. The machine will show you the result you want to know. If the eggs are empty eggs, they can be sold using the conveyor belt. You can take the eggs with the chick into the makeover. Then, the egg will hatch. If you want a chick to grow into a chicken, you have to feed it. The chick can't eat corn, so let's order some chick feed from the order book. When the chick has grown into a chicken, let's put both chickens into the yard. Then, they can meet each other.