Flappy Pig

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Control a flying pig

Flappy Pig is inspired by a classic game where you can see a pig with wings. This pig even can fly and you will help it overcome many pipes along the road.

Many gamers will be familiar with the gameplay. These game rules are the same as in Flappy Bird 2. The difference between them is the character and graphics. In the Flappy Bird game, you can experience the retro graphics while you can enjoy the cartoon graphics in Flappy Pig. The game will make you laugh because of the cute pig. With a choppy body and small wings, this pink pig can overcome any obstacle.

Fly through the gaps of pipes in Flappy Bird

There are tons of pipes on the way. They will stand on your road, so you must overcome them. Let's wriggle through the gap of these pipes. This game requires agility and control skills.

Overcome the pipes

Instead of jumping over them, you have to fly over them. The size and shape of these pipes are different, so you must control the pig cleverly. Sometimes, the gaps are in the high position, but sometimes they are in the low position. If you don't reflex on time, the pig will hit the pipes or fall down.

How to control

In this game, you only need to click the left mouse button to fly and release to fall if you play on the computer. If you play on a tablet or smartphone, you just tap on the screen to control. The simple control is suitable for all groups of ages.