Crazy Pizza

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Crazy Pizza requires you to eliminate as many pizzas as possible. Many pizzas will appear on the lines. Don't let them reach the bottom of the line.

You will probably find many interesting things in this game. Instead of making pizza, you'll have to get rid of these delicious pizzas. There will be no guests or pizza restaurants here. These pizzas will appear continuously, making you unable to react in time. Although the theme is food, this game is actually a puzzle game.

Crazy Pizza gameplay

As I mentioned, your mission is to delete all pizzas on the lines. How can I complete this task? Put 3 pizzas of the same kind in a row to delete them. There will be 5 pizza passes appearing on the screen. You need to keep an eye on all 5 of these carousels. The pizzas will be more and more. You can move the pizza in the first place in this game. You have to be quick and quick with your eyes. As soon as the pizza reaches the end of the conveyor belt, the game is over.

Try to score high in Crazy Pizza

This game requires the player's agility and intelligence. With just simple controls, this game can attract anyone. Tap and drag the mouse to move the pizzas! The number of pizzas you eliminate is the number of points you score. The more pizzas you get rid of, the more points you get. Can you set the record of this game? If you love this game, please share it with your friends. They will love it.